We are overcome with gratitude for the loyalty and trust of our patients. We serve our clients knowing they have options, and are dedicated to improving the quality of their lives during an incredibly difficult time.

Will you share your experience?

We try to maintain quality of life for our patients - no matter what stage of their kidney disease (or hypertension) they are in. So if you believe we've gone above and beyond, please do not hesitate to share your story.

Before you leave a bad review, remember that people have bad days, people forget things, paperwork slips through the cracks. We are human. We have no malice in our blood and only want to help you in your time of health crisis. Kidney disease is serious, so please contact us if we've fallen short in any way. We care about our patients.

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“Dr. Nandeesh has been an extraordinary doctor to me since I have been under his care. Despite the emotional and physical roller coaster that my health has taken me on over the past few years, Dr. Nandeesh has been there with me every step of the way. He has been and continues to be the strongest advocate for my health. His bedside manner is exceptional and an example of what is lacking in specialized medicine today. He takes the extra step in making sure you are comfortable with the care he provides and listens attentively to every concern that you may have.”

Lall Renuka
Patient, Coastal Nephrology Associates

“I had a very positive experience with Volunteer Medical Research Center. Over the years that I participated in the study, each appointment at the center was handled promptly, efficiently, professionally, and all of that by a very friendly staff. The staff always made me feel as comfortable as possible, and always treated me with respect. I feel fortunate to have participated in the Tolvaptan study.”

Orlando Hernandez
Study Participant, Volunteer Medical Research

“Volunteer Research is a top notch organization. They have a Staff that explains what procedure that they will be given at each visit. Again they are a class group.”

Charles Grubbs
Study Participant, Volunteer Medical Research

“I found the staff at Volunteer Medical Research to be fantastic, warm and supportive. I took my trips to see them every 3 to 6 months for about 7 years – I feel like I’ve made friends for life. They weren’t just helpful – they were really my advocates. They made sure I was being treated fairly and accurately, made unsolicited calls on my behalf – I’d happily go back for another trial if it were appropriate for me.”

Colin Brazell
Study Participant, Volunteer Medical Research

“Having Dr P and Coastal Nephrology on my team I feel I can take on any Kidney issue that comes my way. Dr P has treated me like family and has communicated with me like none other. Through office visits, dialysis, hospital stays, the physicians and staff at Coastal Nephrology have been simply awesome.”

G. Emerson King
Patient, Coastal Nephrology Associates

“I have been involved in four drug studies with Volunteer Medical Research. In each study I found the professionalism of the Doctors and Nurses to be top notch. Participating in these studies definitely improved the quality of life and prolonged my life long enough to obtain a Kidney Transplant. Thanks to my Drug Study Nurse, Amelia and my Doctor, Dr. Kaveh, for all the support and caring.”

Curtis Beard
Study Participant, Volunteer Medical Research

“Being a subject in a research study requires a great deal of patience and flexibility from the volunteer, with typically very little in return beyond the satisfaction of helping the field progress so that it can aid future generations. Due to my disease, I have been a part of several research studies and I have been treated very well in each study. The team at Volunteer Medical Research, however, seemed to understand better than any other facility about the sacrifices that are being made by the volunteers in their studies. I never felt like just a subject of a study at Volunteer Medical Research, as they conveyed sincere appreciation for my volunteer work and I was treated more akin to a friend who needed assistance than as a mere subject of a study. A group of their staff even traveled a significant distance one year to support a walk for PKD that I was attending! Thus, I would like to thank all of the staff at Volunteer Medical Research, Beth Jackman in particular, for their tremendous support over the past six years! Sincerely,”

Brion Sever
Study Participant, Volunteer Medical Research

“Dr. Nandheesha Hanumanthappa is very thorough. He explains everything in a very patient and calm manner. He allows you to spend as much time as you need asking questions and double checks to make sure that you understand what is taking place. His staff is excellent makes all necessary calls to remind you of appointments and labs as needed. In reference to my husband.”

Lisa Kusmin
Patient, Coastal Nephrology Associates

“I have been a patient of Dr. Kaveh for over 4 years. He has always impressed me with his thorough knowledge of my condition, careful monitoring and quick adjustments of my medications to ensure the safety of my kidney. When I was in the hospital for a non-kidney related illness, I found reassuring how frequently he and his staff visited me to personally review my test results and to encourage me as I recovered.”

Reginald Culpepper
Patient, Coastal Nephrology Associates

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